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January 13th, 02:39

Irwin Clan
TV & Animal People

Zoo Team

Only seen once or twice working with snakes (and rescuing Little Richard from a Water Python)
Amanda Brown
Started out as a voulenteer, now one of the regulars.
Andrew Underhill
Part of the Croc-team.
Brendan McGill
Have worked with almost all animals, but prefers reptiles.
Brian Coulter
He knows a thing or two about Crocs.
Brooke Hadley
Very likeable person, only part of the team for a short time though.
Darren Symons
Former head of snakes.
Daryl 'Doc' Eckley
Handles the camels.
Dave Fuller
Camels and Foxes were his trade at the zoo
Personal friend of Steve.
Dr. Chris Ryan
The regular vet for the zoo for many years.
Dr. Danny Brown
A vet. (Duh!)
Frank Mikula
Aka. Little Frank, works with Birds.
Fred Engle
The "do it all" guy, Kelsey's dad.
Harry Donaldson
Former snake handler at the zoo.
Jodie Chapman Mannion
Expert in mammals, assistant and wife to Wes.
Kelly Jackson
A bit of an octopus and married to Big Richard, she was usually found working in the office until she left the zoo. Rumour has it she didn’t make the decision to leave though.
Kelsey Engle Moyston
Chief curator at the zoo.
Leanne Yates
Meagan Colebrook
Former head of mammals.
Only seen on screen once as a voulenteer working with snakes
Paul O’Callaghan
Koala expert.
Peter Miller
Expert in rehabilitation.
Richard Gale
Aka. Little Richard, loves snakes.
Richard Jackson
Aka. Big Richard.
Rick Colebrook
Former park manager.
She's got a gift with the Canines like Dingoes and Foxes.
Usually seen with the foxes.
Stuart Gudgeon
Bird expert and in charge of Zoo Operations.
Suzanne Zum Felde
Former part of the office team.
Tara Mannion
Former wife of Wes.
Thelma Engle
Married to Fred and Kelsey's mother.
Toby Millyard
An excellent croc-spotter.
Tracie McMichael
Handled marketing until she left in ’99, she’s also got special skills with Cockatoos.

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Wes Mannion
Zoo director, expert in Snakes and practical jokes.
Since 2003-10-30