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The Crocodile Hunter
Croc Hunter Diaries

A Grain Of Sand
African Adventure
American Pets And Pests
Animal Rehab
Aussie Legends
Back To Nature
Big, Gray And Dangerous
Birds Of A Feather
Bugs In The System
Call Of Nature
Camel Training
Close Encounters
Dangerous Americans
Dangers Of The Deep
Deadly Australian Snakes
Dingo Fence
Dragons Of The Outback
Easy Tiger
Fraser Island
Giant Snakes
Hidden Forest
How To Catch A Crocodile
In The Roar
It's A Jungle In Here
Land Of The Headhunters
Leaping Lizards
Lizard's rock
Making Crocodiles
Marine Adventures
Monkeys Around
Mysteries Of The Jungle
On The Road Again
Pacific Northwest
Pigs In The Outback
Researching Reptiles
Rodent's Rising
Strange Africans
Tasmanian Adventure
Trouble On The Hoof
Turtle Rodeo
Valley Of The Reptiles
Wild River Ride
World's Deadly Four

Croc Files


01 Charlie
02 World's Deadly Four
03 Sharks
04 Dragons Of The Outback
05 Websites
06 Dingo Fence
07 Making Crocodiles
08 Trouble On The Hoof
09 Pythons
10 Leaping Lizards
11 Camel Training
12 Tasmanian Adventure
13 How To Catch A Crocodile
14 Rodent's Rising
15 Deadly Australian Snakes
16 Animal Rehab
17 Wild River Ride
18 American Pets And Pests
19 Pigs In The Outback
20 Freshies
21 Giant Snakes
22 Turtle Rodeo
23 Fraser Island
24 Dangers Of The Deep
25 Gators
26 It's A Jungle In Here
27 Monty
28 Lizard's rock
29 Rattlers
30 Valley Of The Reptiles
31 Aussie Legends
32 Bugs In The System
33 Call Of Nature
34 Pacific Northwest
35 Dangerous Americans
36 African Adventure
37 Land Of The Headhunters
38 Mysteries Of The Jungle
39 Monkeys Around
40 Big, Gray And Dangerous
41 In The Roar
42 Vipers
43 On The Road Again
44 Researching Reptiles
< 45 Birds Of A Feather
46 Back To Nature
47 Marine Adventures
48 Hidden Forest
49 Easy Tiger
50 A Grain Of Sand
51 Strange Africans
52 Close Encounters
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