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July 21st 2005

Couple of episodes added to the guide, several minor changes to the coding of the pages. Added a new link-to-me banner in jpg format and updated the Website Story.

October 19th 2004

TV-Schedule for November added.

All Good Things Must End
September 4th 2006

But this was neither expected, nor fair; Steve Irwin is not among us anymore. Rumors has announced the death of Steve quite often in the past but unfortunately it’s no false story this time, he was killed in a diving accident in far north Queensland today.

Stephen Robert "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin was born 22 February 1962, 4 September 2006 he set out to record a segment for his daughter Bindi’s upcoming television series, he was also working on a documentary of his own, to be called "Ocean Deadliest". Bad weather had stalled the main filming so Steve went for some shallow water shots shortly after 11:00am local time, during the shots a Stingray apparently felt threatened by Steve and the crew and the animal used the serrated barb on it’s tail as defense, the blow pierced Irwin’s heart and paramedics rushing to the area could do nothing to help.

The body of Steve Irwin was flow to Cairns, where stunned family and friends were gathering, Terri was informed of the accident while on a walking tour in Tasmania.

Welcome to my tribute site for Steve Irwin and the rest of the Australia Zoo team, previously known as "TopCatDk's CrocHunter Site" (groundbreaking name ey?). This site currently revolves around an episode guide, but like any other webmaster I have some gigantic plans for the future development. If you've got ideas, comments or feed back please send me an email or catch me on the "Chock A Block Full Of Crocs" forum on the CrocodileHuntress site. Thanks.
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