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Official Sites
The official site for Australia Zoo and The Crocodile Hunter. The zoo information is primarily for those planning a visit there, travel guide, prices, opening hours and descriptions of some of the animals on display. The Crocodile Hunter section contains bios on Steve, Terri and Bindi, some snapshots and some information on the original 10 episodes of the series. There's also a well-equipped online shop with merchandise.
Animal Planet Europe
Availeble in various languages, TV-Schedule and other information related to the European versions of AP.
Animal Planet, The Crocodile Hunter
Contains TV-schedule (US only!), some bios on selected zoo crewmembers, various small video clips and a few mini-games. Information on new TV-projects and episodes are likely to show up here first.

Fan Sites
NOTE: These sites are currently in a random order, I haven’t, and won’t ever, try to rate them as each site represents a lot of work and have been created by individuals who have a different set of web-related skills, standards and ideas than mine.
Dedicated to Terri, but there's also room for the rest of the zoo crew. The site also contains profiles of various animals, fan fiction, sound clips and… and… and... just about anything else imaginable, including an excellent forum.
Zoo Crew Zone
Dedicated to the non-Irwin zoo staff. The site can be a bit confusing to navigate at first, but once you’ve got the hang of it you won’t be coming out for a long time.
This site proofs you can make a very beautiful website with Microsoft Frontpage and it is chock-a-block full of information.
Kristin's Fansite
This site have now teamed up with below.
Our friends in Germany are getting very few new episodes with the Irwin’s, but fortunately that fact doesn’t stop them from making great fan-sites. This site is a team effort from a few fans and it’s all about the Irwin’s and Australia Zoo, there’s also a section dedicated to the Zoo in Leipzig. An English translation of the site is well underway.
Another German site. Bios on Steve and Terri and information about Australia Zoo.
Crockid55's Site
We can’t ever get too many fan sites, here you'll find pictures, bio’s etc. The site seems to only work properly with Internet Explorer though.

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