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All Good Things Must End
September 4th 2006

But this was neither expected, nor fair; Steve Irwin is not among us anymore. Rumors has announced the death of Steve quite often in the past but unfortunately it’s no false story this time, he was killed in a diving accident in far north Queensland today.

Stephen Robert "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin was born 22 February 1962, 4 September 2006 he set out to record a segment for his daughter Bindi’s upcoming television series, he was also working on a documentary of his own, to be called "Ocean Deadliest". Bad weather had stalled the main filming so Steve went for some shallow water shots shortly after 11:00am local time, during the shots a Stingray apparently felt threatened by Steve and the crew and the animal used the serrated barb on it’s tail as defense, the blow pierced Irwin’s heart and paramedics rushing to the area could do nothing to help.

The body of Steve Irwin was flow to Cairns, where stunned family and friends were gathering, Terri was informed of the accident while on a walking tour in Tasmania.

Croc Week
July 4th 2005

Wooo-hoooo, we are finally getting the latest Croc Hunter episodes on Animal Planet Europe, but hurry the first one runs tonight, and then repeated so don’t feel to bad if you miss one. Here’s the airing list as I found it on the official site:

  • Mon, 4th @ 22:00: Tigers Of Shark Bay
  • Tue, 5th @22:00: Crocs In The City
  • Wed, 6th @22:00: Island Of Snakes
  • Thu, 7th @22:00: Search For The Super Croc
  • Fri: 8th @22:00: Ice Breaker
  • Mon, 11th @22:00: Confessions Of The Crocodile Hunter

All episodes repeat at 05:00 the next day and will also repeat during the next few weeks.

This might also give me the kick to do something about this site as it’s hard to keep going when there’s nothing new happening.

Bad, Bad, Bad
September 12th 2004

I guess you’ve all heard this by now, but Steve’s beloved dog Sui passed away on June 23rd in the arms of Steve and Wes. Sui has had many close calls over the years, some of which we’ve seen on film, but she still managed to reach the high age of 16 years (the human equivalent would be more than 110 years). She had managed to fight off cancer for 6 years before the disease and the age finally caught up with her. Sui will be missed by her close friends and remembered by Irwinites all over the world.

Another sad event (although comparing it with the death of Sui would be pointless) for us Croc Hunter fans is the prospect of loosing one of the best sites. Aki is seriously considering the future of SimplyCrocHunter, for now the site has been placed in hiatus and could very well be closed down in the near future. I think any hobby-webmaster has the same considerations from time to time, I do hope Aki chooses to keep the site running, but if she don’t the rest of us can only bow in respect and say a big "thank you" for the great work.

The October schedule for Animal Planet has been revealed, and it marks the end of a great year. In October last year we started getting season 1 of the diaries quickly followed by season 2, a Croc Week in June and season 3 running now. So for the first time in a year we now get a month with no new Croc Hunter episodes at all, that’s a tough one but we’ll probably have to get used to it as there’s not much produced that we haven’t seen. October is scheduled to be rich in re-runs, so if you’ve missed something down the line make sure you keep updated.

Diaries 3 on APN
June 21st 2004

YES, Diaries season 3 is showing on APN from July 5th, strangely though they seem to start with the second episode of the season and skipping "A New Zoo", could be a glitch in the schedule on their website.

As usual APN shares schedule with Animal Planet in Eastern Europe (Poland/Romania) and The Netherlands.

Croc Week
June 5th 2004

This Croc Week is just about over, so here's the full list of episodes aired, Scandinavians might want to notice that the episodes are re-run today (Saturday), and they also seem to be scheduled to re-run in the regular Croc Hunter slot (Saturday + Sunday 19:00 CET) later this month.

"River Of The Damned"
Steve visits Belize to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the local zoo, then he go by canoe down a remote river with spectacular wildlife. The amount of animals he meet on the trip is impossible to list by memory, but includes the Morlets Crocodile, Lance Head Snakes, various lizards and spiders.

"Whale Sharks Of The Wild West"
Terri, Steve and Bindi follows the west coast of Australia. On the trip they handle Tiger Snakes, Seals, Dolphins, Scorpions, Lizards, Hammerheads, Humpback Whales, Goats, a Death Adder and a 9 Golf Iron (!).

"Crocodile Coast"
A sequel to the previous episode, the Irwin family enters the Kimberly region to meet a group of very dangerous crocs. Steve also tries his luck with Turtles, Reef Sharks and Sea Snakes. A slightly venomous Kimberly Brown Tree Snake (Who's not brown at all) gives Steve a series of good bites.

"They Shoot Crocodiles Don't They"
A tribute to the cameramen, who's worked with the Irwin's over the years. The episode is mainly a collection of interesting interviews and behind the scenes shots.

"Lights Croc Action" (Not a new episode)
Behind the scenes on the movie Collisions Course, mainly some "how we did it" clips, some close calls and quite a bit of shameless self-promotion.

I'll be working on more detailed reviews of each episode to add to my website.

Croc Week
May 30th 2004

Whoo-hoo, We actually do get a Croc Week starting May 31st on Animal Planet Nordic, all new episodes of The Crocodile Hunter premiers at 14:00 CET-Daylight saving, repeating at 22:00 and 02:00 throughout the week. Get out your VHS tapes and DVD burners. No details of the episodes are known right now except the first sounds like it might be about beavers.

Edit: Ok, no beavers in the first episode of the week, it was the Belize visit, great show though. Tuesday's episode seems to only air at 22:00 and should be an ocean adventure, with the whale-shark as the main attraction.

May 6th 2004

Royal Picture

Well, since this is a Danish based site about a group of Australian people it would be impossible to avoid the event on Friday the 14th of May. The wedding between HRH Crown prince Frederik of Denmark and Mary Elizabeth Donaldson (from Hobart, Tasmania) has taken top priority in every Danish media for the last few weeks. The picture above is snapped by Jesper Stormly Hansen of "Ekstra Bladet". If you want to know more about this event you can visit the personal homepage of the crown prince here. There’s also a special section on
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